Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Porsay.com, operated by Porsay Limited. We provide global package and mail forwarding, and personal shopper services. These Terms and Conditions govern your use of our services.

Service Operations

Our operations may involve collaborations with various companies for handling services in different countries. However, your direct relationship remains with Porsay Limited, which is committed to upholding the highest service standards and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

User Eligibility

Our services are available to those who have the legal capacity to form binding contracts and comply with local and international laws.

Service Description

Upon creating an account, you are assigned a unique address at your preferred location for streamlined service delivery. We provide timely notifications about your transactions.

User Responsibilities

Users must comply with all applicable laws, including export and import regulations. Misuse of our services for illegal activities may result in account suspension or termination.

Fees and Payment Terms

Fees for our services are detailed on the Porsay Limited Price List on our website. Fees may change with prior notice.

Account Creation and Verification

Registration requires accurate and current information. False information may lead to account suspension. We may require identity verification for security and compliance.

Shipping and Handling Policies

We offer various shipping methods and are not responsible for packages not delivered to our warehouses. Oversize packages require prior approval.

Returns and Refunds Policy

Returns and refunds are subject to the terms of the original retailer.

Fraud Prevention and Account Security

We are committed to preventing fraud. Suspicious activities may lead to account suspension. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account passwords.

Prohibited Countries & Persons

We adhere to Hong Kong and international laws, and do not provide services to certain countries and individuals, especially those on sanction lists.

Billing Issues

Contact our customer service within 30 days of the transaction for billing concerns. Transactions are final after this period.

Account Restrictions and Limitations

Account Access: Password security is the user’s responsibility.

Virtual Address Format: Proper addressing of packages is essential. Incorrectly addressed packages may incur fees.

ID/Name Mismatch: Fees apply for discrepancies between suite number and name on packages.

Storage: Packages are stored free for 90 days, with extended storage at 2 euros per day. Unclaimed packages are discarded after 180 days.

Returns, Refunds, and Shipping

Return to Sender/Refuse a Package: Packages can be returned to the vendor upon request.

Consolidation: We offer package consolidation services.

Assisted Purchase: We purchase on your behalf but are not responsible for product quality or delivery issues.

Shipping: We adhere to the terms and conditions of various carriers.

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT): Compliance with carrier terms for hazmat shipments is required.

Company Liability

General Liability: Our liability for shipped packages is limited to the amount of processing fees.

Content of the Package: Liability for package contents is limited and subject to our ‘Content Photo’ service.

Damaged or Lost Packages: We assist with insurance claims under specific conditions.

Delays: We are not liable for delivery or processing delays.

Termination of Service

Violating this Agreement may lead to termination of services, account deactivation, and data retention. We are not liable for any damages from service termination. Obligations under this Agreement persist post-termination.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your data in compliance with data protection regulations.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes will be resolved through negotiation or in Hong Kong courts under Hong Kong law.

Amendments and Notifications

We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions, with changes communicated via our website.

Contact Information


By using our services, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. We strive to provide transparent, fair, and legally compliant services.

This document was last updated on Dec 22, 2023