Privacy and Usage Policy

The following policy (‘Privacy Policy’) regulates the manner in which personal information is collected, used, kept, and disclosed by Porsay. This policy explains how to access your personal information. It applies to the personal information that we collect on the website of Porsay company. You must read it at the same time as reading the terms of use of the website.
When ‘we,’ or ‘our,’ are mentioned in the policy, then, that refers to Porsay. When ‘you’ or ‘your’ is mentioned, we mean the user(s) of the website.
Viewing and using of the website – or your obtaining any goods or services from us – will be regarded as your agreement to the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, you must stop using or accessing the website at once.

1. Collecting information:

Porsay may collect two sorts of information about you; they are:
A- Your personal information, including your phone number, e-mail, names, address, date of birth, etc. which can be collected when you give it voluntarily through: (1) signing up or logging in to your account, (2) participating in surveys or promotional offers on the website, (3) contacting us through the contact information available at “Contact Us” on the website or the Customer’s service available both online or via the phone, (4) reacting to our content on our social media accounts or website, (5) other sources like third parties (when it is necessary).
B- Information from Porsay’s systems and which do not relate to your person directly as we can obtain it from when you visit our website like the IP of the device you are using to access the internet. Through these kinds of information, we can design the most suitable website design for visitors as well as know their favorite products and services. Porsay collects such information from different tools like “cookies” (look below at “Cookies”).
Failure to provide the necessary personal information upon request may result in some services being unavailable to you. Porsay may collect some additional information from you in connection with promotional offers, as well as any information you provide when you communicate with Porsay, such as information that is requested from you through customer service, and during participation in surveys.

2. Information Disclosure:

Porsay may disclose your information to (a) our subsidiaries worldwide, and to members and joint venture partners for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy; Or (b) any information collected about you for third parties for the purpose of providing the services requested by you; Or (c) tracking information and other information that does not reveal your identity to third parties; Or (d) your personal information to third parties; when Porsay believes, in good faith, that the law or legal process requires the disclosure of this information; Or (e) your personal information to third parties, provided that Porsay has your prior permission, which may be obtained from you at the time the information is collected.

3. Use of Personal Information:

Porsay uses the personal information it collects in the following matters: (a) Verifying your identity and assisting you when forgetting your password or login details for any of the Porsay registration services; (B) assisting in providing the services you request; And (c) to provide you with additional information about other websites and services that Porsay may deem of interest to you; (D) additional marketing, promotional and advertising purposes; Including carrying out direct marketing, market research and surveys; (E) internal purposes, such as developing and managing our sites, analyzing data, and complying with legal obligations, policies and procedures; (F) ensuring that the information most relevant to your personality and interests is displayed; (G) Preventing and detecting any misuse or fraudulent activities or practices; And (h) any other use authorized by you.
Porsay shall seek your consent to use your personal information for any purposes other than those for which you previously agreed.

4. Cookies:

This website uses ‘cookies’ that are transferred to your computer’s hard drive, and this file can determine your IP address, the operating system you are using (such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or Linux), and which browser You use (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox, in addition to the browser version number), your location (to determine the country from which you enter the website) and other user information (such as your username).
Porsay may use the information generated by the cookies to (a) track traffic patterns to and from the website; (B) ensuring that the ad appears to the target person; And (c) enabling you to access the website and use specific services, enabling only the registered user to access all website contents.
You can choose to disable cookies by turning them off in your browser and/or deleting them from your hard drive. You do not need to turn on cookies to use the website, but you will need them to log in to the site and access customized or safe content on the website. It should be noted that some websites may not function properly if cookies are disabled.
Porsay uses Google Analytics in accordance with Google’s Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy. Google will transfer the information generated by the Google Analytics tool – including your IP address – to servers located in the United States and store it there. The information collected by Google Analytics does not include any personal or related information. Google does not share the information collected with the other Google products and tools. This information enables evaluation of the use of this website, analysis of user behavior, and improvement of user performance in using the website. You can get more information on disabling Google Analytics at the following link:

5. Content for Service Providers, Advertisers, and Partners:

Privacy Policy does not apply to websites of third parties, which have links on our website, and does not apply to other companies and people who can be listed on our website as suppliers. Porsay is not responsible for data collection practices, privacy policies, or the content of websites other than this website, including any websites that can be accessed via any link on this website. In the event that you wish to inquire about the privacy policies and practices of other websites before submitting your personal information, you should contact the operators of these websites directly.

6. Subscription:

If the purpose of collecting, using, or disclosing your personal information by Porsay is contrary to the purposes stipulated in the Privacy Policy, Porsay will allow you to choose between (a) Unsubscribing and not receiving specific services or participating in specific interactive areas; Or (b) subscribe to consent to Porsay’s contact with you with regard to specific matters, such as to notify you about new website features, beta software testing or promotional activities.

7. Personal Information Protection:

Securing your personal information is important for us. We have appropriate administrative, technical, and material assurances to ensure that the personal information that you provide on this website is protected from unintentional, illegal, or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access to it, disclosure or use, and other unauthorized methods. To protect your personal information, we use many security technologies including secure servers, encryption, and physical protection measures for the locations on which the data is stored. Porsay will examine these security measures and enhance them from time to time as necessary. It is important for you to be protected from strangers allowed access to your private information by trying to log in an unauthorized manner using your password.
Please be aware that no method for transferring data over the Internet or for electronic storage is 100% secure. Therefore, Porsay cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal information

8. Information Disclosure to Foreign Parties:

Porsay may transfer your personal information to countries other than the country in which you initially provided your information. These countries may not have the same data protection laws as in the country in which you provided your information. When transferring your information to other countries, Porsay shall protect that information as described in the section on privacy. We may also disclose your personal information – as required or permitted by law – to law enforcement, government, and regulatory authorities for security and customs purposes.

9. Information Retention, Correction, and Update:

Your information will be collected and managed for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy. Porsay may allow third parties to access your information only for the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy. Porsay takes all necessary measures to ensure that your information is handled securely in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
Porsay enables you to correct or change the data collected at any time, whenever the need arises, except for some restricted data fields which will be placed as such in your account; for example, your country of residence. If you would like to modify a restricted data field or if you have any questions about how the services of the Porsay work, or about the privacy policy, please contact us.

10. Adjustments:

Porsay has the right to change the ‘Privacy Policy’ at any time, without necessarily notifying you. Your continued use of the website constitutes your agreement to the revised ‘Privacy Policy’ and an agreement that the modified version replaces all previous versions.