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We shop on your behalf, buy your products from French stores, and send them to our warehouse.

We can also add it to your account so you can ship it to any country you like.


Choose the product you like

Choose the product you like from any store or any French online shopping site.

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Add links to the products you selected and the features you want (colour, size, quantity, ..) to the fields at the bottom of the page.

We shop for you

Let the Porsay team buy the product for you. Yes, it’s that easy!

Why do some customers need this service?


The Personal Shopper service is the perfect solution to any problems you may encounter while shopping from France. Some online retailers do not accept payments from abroad, and some may use unique payment methods that are not suitable for your country.
The purchase may require the buyer’s presence in person, which sometimes requires proofs such as identity and others.

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