Banned Material


A list of prohibited items:


  1. Harmful chemicals or biological materials.
  2. Anything related to the human body: blood, limbs, organs, etc.
  3. All sorts of drugs and prohibited medical treatments.
  4. Liquor/Spirit, Alcoholic, wines drink of all kinds.
  5. Any sexual or pornographic materials or items.
  6. Forged products that infringe the intellectual property or copyrights of any registered trademark.
  7. All living and dead beings (except ornamental plants and flowers).
  8. All sorts of weapons and ammo, including replicas or parts of them.
  9. Radioactive or corrosive materials, including acids and biochemicals.
  10. Toxic waste.
  11. Historical antiquities hold a great value for the national heritage.
  12. All sorts of cold weaponry, including swords, knives, and spears.
  13. Fuel, matches, or any kind of combustible materials.
  14. Cigarettes, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, hookahs, etc.